At Pukka Websites, our aim is to provide excellence and top value in every website that we create. We remain committed at all times to giving you the utmost value for every dollar that you spend. We base our prices on three standard website types, These are:

A showcase website
An interactive, multi-function website
An online store and e-commerce website

We offer two extremely competitive purchase options and under each option you may elect for a traditional site which we will maintain and update for you, or a content management system whereby you will take control of your completed web pages by managing the content yourself.

We prefer not to quote prices before we have discussed with you, and know your exact requirements. This for two important reasons:

  1. Most importantly, our cast-iron guarantee that once we agree a price with you, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO UNPLEASANT SURPRISES! We always honour our quotes and if we have got anything wrong, we will absorb any additional cost. We will NOT look to you for an additional payment.
  2. To avoid any misunderstandings before we quote – so that both parties know exactly what is agreed.

We do our utmost at all times to develop the confidence and trust of our clients by providing a fair deal. Things have come a long way since the early days when much of the development of a new website would be coded by hand. Nowadays, there are all sorts of aids available to a website developer which remove much of the grunt and grind of building a new website. These developments of course save time and thus expense in creating the website.

At Pukka Websites we believe that these savings should be passed to the client and thus most of our website quotations are priced in hundreds (occasionally even tens), rather than thousands of dollars. There is no need today to pay thousands of dollars for an uncomplicated, but still technically rich website. Allow us to quote for your requirements and you will be pleasantly surprised to learn how little your new Pukka website will cost.

An Important Notice
Our quotations are fixed and final! If we have made an error in pricing, then we will bear any additional costs. We promise that you will never be asked to pay more than the price agreed at the outset of our work – so no unexpected surprises for you! Of course, this undertaking does not apply in the case of any additions or alterations to the original specification, which may incur additional cost.