We offer our clients a choice of three payment options:

  1. The traditional manner of paying an agreed lump sum price for, and taking immediate ownership of your website.
  2. A monthly payments option whereby you put up a small lump sum and then pay the agreed price for our work over a period of a few months. In this case, your website will ‘go live’ immediately, but ownership of the site will pass to yourself only when we have received the final agreed payment.
  3. A rental plan whereby a client may rent his/her website from us on an ongoing month-to-month basis, for as long as the client wishes, with the options of being able to terminate the rental agreement at any time, or to purchase the site outright after the first 12 months rental.

Option 1 – Traditional Purchase Plan.
Here we bill the full design and development cost of your website (which has been agreed in advance) upon completion of your site. Thereafter you are invited to renew your domain name registration and hosting account on an annual basis, at our standard rates. Alternatively, for a small surcharge, you may opt for a monthly hosting account instead of an annual plan. With either of these alternatives, your initial outlay will be greater but your subsequent payments will be lower.

In our Traditional Purchase Plan, we will quote a firm price following an initial, free consultation. We have created a single page site for just a few dollars, whereas a large e-commerce site can (exceptionally) run into four figures. But all prices hinge on each client’s requirements, their complexity and the number of pages, features etc. required.

At the outset of our work, following your acceptance of our quotation, we will typically request an advance payment of 33% or 50% of the agreed design and development cost, plus the costs of any 3rd party software and your domain name. On unusually large or lengthy projects, we may wish also to agree milestone payments, otherwise the remaining balance of the agreed price is payable only after completion of the website to your satisfaction. Please see our FAQ for why we may ask for an advance payment.

Option 2 – Pay Monthly Plan.
Here we agree with you an initial lump sum payment towards our design (as opposed to development) costs, our setup costs and any third party costs. The balance of the outright purchase price of your new website is then spread over an agreed number of months in equal amounts.

Option 3 – Website Rental Plan.
Here we will charge a basic design and set-up fee followed by small monthly payments. The design and set-up fee includes the first four monthly payments – so there will be no further payments until your website has been completed and online for four full months. Thereafter (i.e. from month five onwards) the agreed monthly payments will commence and these are payable in advance, no later than the first day of each month. You may terminate this plan, without penalty, at any time by providing us with one month’s notice of such termination after the first six months. Alternatively, you may choose to buy your website outright by applying to us for a quotation at any time after the first 12 months’ rental. This option is particularly suitable for the smaller business or for new enterprises and is a very useful aid to cash flow and budgeting etc.

The set-up charge includes: The monthly payments include:
Project consultation Annual domain name re-registration
Purchase & registration of domain name Administration of your domain name
Initial website design & development Hosting of your website on our own fast servers
Optimisation of any client-supplied content Unlimited POP3 email accounts
Email set-up Unlimited email forwarders
Search engine optimisation Basic database maintenance
Submission of site to recommended search engines Minor website updates
Not included: The cost of third-party software, where appropriate

An Important Notice
Our quotations are fixed and final! If we have made an error in pricing, then we will bear any additional costs. We promise that you will never be asked to pay more than the price agreed at the outset of our work – so no unexpected surprises for you! Of course, this undertaking does not apply in the case of any additions or alterations to the original specification, which may incur additional cost.