To facilitate timely renewal where appropriate, payments for domain registration, website design and development services, website maintenance contracts, marketing and all other services provided by Pukka Websites are due not later than one day before the day that services are contracted or provided (as the case may be) and/or the date that renewal of service is due, as appropriate.

All fees unpaid by the due date will result in the automatic suspension of our services.

Payments for website development, website maintenance and any other services not billed and paid in advance is due within five days of invoicing.

At our sole discretion, overdue accounts for all services may be subject to an administration fee of US $20 per month or part thereof plus interest charges at the rate of 3% (three percent) per month or part thereof, effective from the date that the payment became due. The client will be responsible for any penalties applied by any domain name registrar or registration controlling body.

Stage payments may be required for all website development work and ownership of websites developed for clients and/or domain names registered for clients shall remain vested wholly in Pukka Websites until the final payment for the entire project has been received and cleared to our account.

Pukka Websites prefers secure credit/debit card payments via PayPal or other intermediary, but we will also accept direct bank transfers, cheques, bank drafts etc. If you have other billing/payment needs please contact us.

Pukka Websites reserves the right to suspend or terminate its services without notice if the client fails to make payments in a timely manner.

The client agrees to notify Pukka Websites immediately on any and all financial issues or events including but not limited to being served with a statutory demand, notice of claim, statement of claim or default notice or demand letter or any other legal document or proceeding that may affect the client’s ability to make payment for any work in progress or performed by Pukka Websites.

The client and its owners, directors and any guarantor(s) acknowledge that they will be liable jointly and severally to Pukka Websites for any unpaid amount owing if the client should default and fail to fulfil its obligations.

Any overdue payments may be passed to third parties for collection at our discretion. In this event, all direct and indirect costs of collection shall be billed to the client.