There is an old expression “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Pukka Websites is the joint venture of a small group of internet specialists who have brought their individual skills to the mix to enable Pukka Websites to offer the highest level of service in all internet-related disciplines. Thus, one partner might create stunning graphics, whilst another will focus on databases, another on website development etc. This way, we truly can offer an exceptional ability in all of the skills involved in the creation or updating of your website.

Our worldwide presence is managed entirely from one office (in New Zealand) and it is this office with which our clients deal in all matters. In effect, other members of the team act as suppliers to the New Zealand office providing their input, time and skills when called upon and on an as-needed, per project basis. We also have a loyal team of contractors who will work for us whenever needed.

So, usually we are able to provide speedy solutions and there is always a back-up if anyone in the team should fall sick.

We passionately believe in billing (no more than) a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and thus we often are able to provide a high quality product at a price less than many other website creators will charge. Typically, we will calculate our price to create a new website in hundreds of dollars as opposed to the thousands of dollars that many of the bigger developers (high overheads) and one-man bands (earning a living from a few time-intensive orders) will want to charge.

We offer a truly turnkey service from initial concept to publication of your search engine-optimised and fully mobile-friendly website and, if required, the effective local, national or international marketing of your website.

Do ask us to quote for all your web presence requirements. It will cost you nothing at all to learn just how competitive we are.